Podiatry Guide to Rugby Boots this Season 2019

Podiatry Guide to Rugby Boots this Season 2019

Boots can be a difficult thing to pick for a player. So much variation and marketing can heavily influence what type of boot you choose.  No longer are the days where all players are wearing the same style of rugby boots. In order for players to optimise their performance, modern day rugby boots incorporate a variety of features tailored for both forwards and backs. But don’t worry because we’ve done all the hard work for you. Here’s what you need to know before heading to your local sports store.


The role of forwards in rugby revolves around gaining ground, maintaining possession of the ball and in the case of rugby union, winning it back off the opposition. Therefore, a boot that allows forwards to do this must be able to withstand a large amount of strength and power.

Below are two of our favourite rugby boots for forwards:

Adidas Predator 18.1 FG

This light weight boot thrives in the forwards. With a hybrid stud formation that is aimed at enhancing rotation and traction, it is perfect for side steps and quick turns in the ruck. With a knitted upper up to the ankle and a stretchy sockfit collar for adaptive support and comfort, allowing for a flexible fit. This boot is not orthotic friendly and has no heel raise.

Nike Tiempo Legend VII Elite FG

This is an all-rounder, made to suit all that wear. The multi-stud configuration works very well on all types of grounds (firm, slightly wet and short grass). Made from Kangaroo leather, Nike accommodates for wide feet as well. The shoe is orthotic friendly and also has a solid heel counter, providing stability around the hind foot.


The role of the backs in for speed and agility. You don’t want to be stuck in the mud when the forwards come running after you. A light weight boot with minimal stud configuration should be considered if you’re a back.

Below are some of our favourite rugby boots for backs:

Asics Gel – Lethal Tigreor IT FF

Made for soft grounds, this boot has a multi-stud configuration with pincer type conical studs that is suitable for maintaining grip when sprinting down the side line. The upper of the boot is made out of kangaroo leather, which will stretch and conform to your feet over time. This particular boot has a 10mm heel lift to reduce the load on the Achilles and calf complex. The boot is also orthotic friendly allowing for the insole to be replaced.

 Adidas X 18.1

This boot is made for firm, natural ground. The shallow studs and moulded pattern allow for a quick acceleration off the ground. The Techfit compression upper and tongueless lace up allows the boot to feel snug and tight fitting around the foot. This goes well with the anti-slip heel lining and firm heel counter. There is no heel lift and the boots are not orthotics friendly.

What can our podiatrists do to help?

At Sole-Lution Podiatry, we aim to prevent injury before it happens. Our functional screening test will provide you with the vital information you need to stay on the field this season.

Following the assessment your Podiatrist can:

  • Provide recommendations on appropriate Football Boots;
  • Structure a strength and stretching program that will reduce your risk of lower leg and foot injury

For further information on what we can do to help you out, do not hesitate to book online or give us a call on 9569 5145.