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Fashion, the determining factor for what you wear in the morning. You get out of bed and it’s a bit chilly. But you’re a boss girl. You need to look the bit. You need to look good. So you go to the wardrobe and grab out those black stockings or pantyhose. The elastic garment that covers your legs and providing you with that aesthetic feminine look that makes you feel powerful. But there is a massive difference that compression stockings can provide in comparison to just your normal off the shelf stocking. And the funny thing is they look the same and are the same price. They are just a bit tighter in the areas that need it most.

So what are the benefits of compressions stockings compared to normal stockings with no compression. Well let’s go through the list: –

  • Varicose veins:

Those little spider veins on your legs are arising due to a lack of compression in calf muscle. There are 6 main veins running up through the calf muscle. Lack of pressure from the calf muscle can lead to a back flow effect, sort of like a leaking pipe. Compression can help by increasing the pressure, reducing the risk of varicosities coming up.

  • Swelling:

Oedema can occur for a number of reasons from poor circulation to medication. Compression stocking can help get rid of those kankles and get those ankles back, making you feel more stable and less self-conscious about the situation. The compression in the stocking is designed to provide a balanced circulation throughout the legs and feet, as it works against gravity to return fluids up the leg.

  • Muscle Fatigue

Recent studies have shown that wearing compressive garments can help with muscle fatigue and recovery after a workout. Well the concept this applies here because often a big day at work can be a workout within itself.

So get on it ladies and go buy yourself something that looks good for you and is amazing for your health. I have provided some links below for some of the stockings and pantyhose I often recommend. If you need further advice any ongoing lower limb issues, head over to our online bookings or call 9569 5145 and make an appointment with one of our team members today.

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