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ou wake up one morning. You’re ready for the day ahead, only for your first step out of bed to slow you down! This raging pain underneath your foot is something you’ve never felt before. Don’t worry, Dr. Google says this is an easy fix. He says you’ve got plantar fasciitis and that massaging and stretching will help it go away. You try this for a couple of days but you’re still waking up with the same pain! How did this happen?

The plantar fascia is thick connective tissue that has a large responsibility in supporting the arch of your foot. It originates in front of the balls of your feet from each toe, runs towards the middle of your foot, where they join as one band. From here, this band continues to the bottom of our heels and inserts on the inside of the heel bone.

How does this thick, fibrous band cause us raging pain in the morning? There are two main mechanics behind how plantar fasciitis occurs:

  • Tight calf muscles: Our calf muscles are the next link in the chain that are connected to our plantar fascia. When our calves are fatigued or tight, and they are unable to perform their normal function in supporting the arch of the foot, the plantar fascia often overcompensates to perform this extra duty. In doing so, it can become strained and sore.
  • Poor foot mechanics: When our foot is unable to progress through the normal phases of the gait cycle, such as those who have a flat foot or high arch, the structures within our feet must compensate to keep our foot progressing. Our plantar fascia is often the first to get strained as it is a large structure underneath our heels.

Plantar fasciitis is a chronic condition that can cause debilitating pain if not treated properly. If you are having symptoms of plantar fasciitis, let the inner west team at SOLE – LUTION PODIATRY help you. You can reach us on 02 9569 5145


Luke Sassine

Sole – Lution Podiatry

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