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Corns can be a nuisance and painful if they are not properly looked after. As discussed in the previous blog, we know why corns come up. Below is a list of quick home treatment options to get you through these annoying and painful times:

  • Appropriate footwear: If your work or sport shoes are the cause of your corn, change into different shoes once you are home. These can be casual shoes or open – ended shoes such as sandals. This will provide a softer feeling to your feet (if your corn is underneath your foot), and less pressure on the corn. If your corn is on top or between your toes, then wearing an open – toed shoe will reduce friction on the corn.
  • Moisturising cream:  Applying a slither of moisturising cream to your corn will help soften it. In doing so, it reduces how intense and hard the corn is, making it less annoying while walking. It is often recommended to apply moisturising cream to your corn before work or after your shower. This will not work for soft corns in between your toes.
  • Avoid corn pads! Despite being advertised to treat corns, the corn pads you can buy from the pharmacy do not work. They are designed with a solution called salicylic acid that is marketed towards softening the corn, and therefore reducing pain. However, salicylic acid is designed to irritate the skin and can cause harm if not used properly. Furthermore, if used before a podiatry visit, corn pads can hide the corn from normal skin, making it difficult for a podiatrist to determine which skin is normal to that of the corn.

While these home treatments will likely provide you with temporary relief, the most recommended treatment option is to see your podiatrist to have the corn and foot function assessed if it is a contributing factor. If you are having trouble with your corns, let the team at SOLE–LUTION PODIATRY help you. You can reach us on 02 9569 5145

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