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At Sole-Lution Podiatry, one of the most common questions we get asked is “How can you tell if your running shoes are worn out and/or need to be replaced?” Many shoe stores will give you a rough estimate such as 9-12 months or 500-750km but we know that doesn’t apply to most people. After discussing amongst ourselves here at the clinic, these are the signs that indicate that your shoes need to be replaced.

1. Tread on the sole

This is probably the easiest and quickest way of assessing the current condition of your shoes. If the tread is smooth and worn down it’s a big indicator that the shoe has reached the end of its lifespan. Most running shoes these days also have black EVA on the heels, and if you can see some colour coming through at the heels, this also means that your shoes are worn out as well.

2. You are experiencing new aches/pains/blisters

If you are consistent with your running and you begin to experience soreness in areas that you don’t normally – particularly the feet, shins, knees and hips, it could mean that your shoes are not performing as they should be and that you need to replace your shoes. Its common for people to give an old pair of shoes “just one more run”; however, this can cause unnecessary damage to your body. Listen to your body before its too late.

3. Compression of the midsole and heel counter

Many people think that if the tread on the sole of your runners is still in good condition that you don’t need to replace your shoes. However, depending on what surfaces you run on the cushioning and support within the shoe can deteriorate before the outer sole does. To test the integrity of the heel counter, try to compress it towards the sole. For the midsole, place your fingers under the toes at the front of the shoe and try to bend the toe box towards the heel. If either of these can be done easily, there is a good chance that your shoes aren’t going to be offering you as much cushioning and support as they should be doing.

If you aren’t sure about whether you need to replace your runners, come and see us and we will be more than happy to assess your footwear. We can also recommend shoe types/brands that will be suitable for your activity level and your foot type. You can book an appointment by calling 9569 5145.

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