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Spiky Massage Balls are often used as a home remedy to help with the build up of myofascial tension in the body. They work by reducing muscle tension, improving blood flow, increasing bodily awareness and aid in injury prevention and rehabilitation. This, thereby, increases range of motion of the associated joints.

So why use it before you run?

During running gait, the ankle range of motion travels rapidly from 10 degrees of dorsiflexion to 25 degrees of plantarflexion. After repeating this motion for a minimum of 5000 times during a run, you can understand that tension can start to build up somewhere and compensations can start to occur.

By using the spiky ball on the bottom of the foot before a run, it stimulate the proprioceptors in the bottom of the foot to activate, allowing for better control of the foot during the run. After the run, just one minute of the spiky ball can decrease tension in the plantar fascia reducing your need for rehabilitation. Increasing blood flow allows for increase healing of the muscular micro tears that have just occurred.

If you are having trouble with your running or walking protocol let the team at SOLE – LUTION PODIATRY help you. You can reach us on 02 9569 5145

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