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The non-surgical way of removing bunion pain

Are you struggling to find shoes wide enough to accommodate for your big toe joint? Do you find shoes and then after a short period of time the inside of the shoe starts to rub against the big toe joint? Are you fretting putting you shoes on every morning before work because you know at the end of the day, you’ll end up in agony? Well this is the article for you.

Bunions, known formally as hallicus abductovalgus, is a deviation of the big toe joint due to a range of factors, such as genetic, biomechanical alignment and environmental factors (i.e. shoe choice). Often it can result in the person become self conscious about their appearance and/or excurtiating pain where the person continually offloads the area, leading to other issues including ankle, knee, hip or even lower back pain, in order to avoid pushing off that first toe.

After seeing the doctor, often people are lead to one or two paths, either custom made orthotics or surgery. But there is another way!

Davis’s Law states, “Ligaments, or any soft tissue, when put under a moderate degree of tension, if that tension is unremitting, will elongate by the addition of new material”. Which means that tissue overtime will adapt to a new length. It can be changed and molded into the way you want it. Soft tissue mobilisation, in addition to dry needling and massage, is an effective way in relieving that bunion pain and getting your feet back into your shoes without any pain.

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