Podiatry Guide to Soccer Boots this Season 2019

Podiatry Guide to Soccer Boots this Season 2019

Soccer season is just about to kick off and you haven’t made your choice on boots yet. Messi is wearing Adidas but Ronaldo is wearing Nike. The choices are so hard. Well don’t worry because we have done all the hard work for you.

When considering a boot, considerations should be made to the material that the boot is made from, the cleat pattern which will help with surface traction, and the fit of the boot. Remember everyone is different, so choose the shoe that you are most comfortable with.

Here are our choices for the upcoming 2019 season:

Nike Mercurials Vapor XI

Engineered for a quick touch and speed, the Vapor IX has been constructed for the play makers. The cushioned insole allows for extreme comfort as well as shock absorption. The stud formation is not symmetrical which boosts to offer the change of direction with speed cleaner. The outsole glass fibre plate allows for flexibility and increased energy return.

Adidas X18.1

This boot is made for firm, natural ground. The shallow studs and moulded pattern allow for a quick acceleration off the ground. The Techfit compression upper and tongueless lace up allows the boot to feel snug and tight fitting around the foot. This goes well with the anti-slip heel lining and firm heel counter. There is no heel lift and the boots are not orthotics friendly.

Adidas Copa Mundial

Worn by some of the greatest of all time, this shoe was designed for the 1982 World Cup and has been twerked ever since. A light weight boot with a multi-stud configuration allows for an all-round player, especially in the mid fields. Made from Kangaroo leather, the shoe is fast drying and has a very comfortable fit. The EVA insole and firm heel counter, allows for cushion and support. The shoe is orthotic friendly and has no heel counter.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Fit

Nike has designed soccers for years, refining and redesigning to create the perfect construction. Although pricy, the Hypervenom Phantom III Dynamic Fit is well worth every cent. The aim of the shoe is to be seamless, with the removal of the tongue and flywire cables, allowing for better control of the ball. With a firm heel counter and flywire cable at the midfoot, the shoe is very supportive. There is no removable insole and no heel raise.

What can our podiatrists do to help?

At Sole-Lution Podiatry, we aim to prevent injury before it happens. Our functional screening test will provide you with the vital information you need to stay on the field this season.

Following the assessment your Podiatrist can:

  • Provide recommendations on appropriate Football Boots;
  • Structure a strength and stretching program that will reduce your risk of lower leg and foot injury

For further information on what we can do to help you out, do not hesitate to book online or give us a call on 9569 5145.