How I’m training for the City2Surf – Part 3

How I’m training for the City2Surf – Part 3

The next stage for your training for the City2Surf is have an effective strength training program. A strength program is present to ensure that our lower limb and core muscles have the endurance and ability to handle the 14-kilometre race without causing any injuries and minimal fatigue. The three exercises that I will cover are targeting your gluteus, quadriceps, hamstring and calf muscles.

Single Leg Squat (3 sets x 10 repetitions, both legs):

A single leg squat is a compound exercise that targets the major lower limb muscles, including our gluteus medius, hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles. Performing this exercise replicates the actions that occur while walking and running.

This exercise begins by placing a chair behind you to lower yourself on. Start with your arms in front, on one leg, slowly lower yourself into a squat position until you sit comfortably in the chair. Keeping the same leg on the ground, slowly come up from the squat to the starting position. The most important component of performing this exercise is to ensure that your knee is pointing over your second toe while squatting. It is common to incorrectly perform this exercise by caving your knee inwards. This can lead to medial knee issues as well as weakening balance in our feet and hips. On top of maintain your knee in a straight position, ensure that your feet are pointing straight while performing the squat and your hips are level with each other and not tilted towards the side of the leg performing the squat.

Nordic Hamstring Strengthening (3 sets x 10 repetitions):

Nordic exercises are an isolated exercise that focusses on contracting the hamstrings and is predominantly used for injury prevention. Having strength in your hamstrings will contribute to adequate hip extension, while walking and running, and slow down your knees and feet when your heel strikes the ground.

This exercise begins by kneeling on the ground and having your body in an upright position. It is performed with a partner who will hold down your ankles to ensure you are only activating your hamstrings while performing this. Having your arms across your body, slowly fall to the fall while your partner stabilises your ankles, ending in a push – up position. Ensure that you are feeling the contractions in your hamstrings as you fall to the floor.

Hip Abduction for the Gluteus Medius (3 sets x 10 repetitions, both legs):

Having adequate strength in your gluteus medius muscle is vital in maintaining stability in your hips, knees and feet. It is a hip muscle that is commonly weakened in runners and may contribute to lower limb injuries.

This exercise begins by laying on the side of your body, keeping your body in a straight line. Using your top leg, slowly raise your leg to 30 degrees, then bring this leg back down. Avoid sticking your butt out as it is a common mistake that occurs. Another common mistake that occurs is that your toes will slowly being to point outwards. This is our body’s way of performing this exercise easier by externally rotating our hips engaging our quadriceps or hip flexor muscles. In order to avoid this and properly target our gluteus medius muscle, ensure your toes of the leg that is performing the exercise are pointing towards the ground.

Having an effective strength program your lower limbs is important to ensure that your run at the City2Surf is smooth and injury – free. If you have any concerns about these, let the team at SOLE – LUTION PODIATRY help you. You can reach us on 02 9569 5145 or book online at https://sole-



Luke Sassine

Sole – Lution Podiatry