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Diabetic Podiatry

Diabetic Podiatry

Foot care is particularly important with diabetes.


Diabetes is a chronic condition that develops from a consistently high blood glucose (sugar) level, this leads to the reduction of insulin production. Reduced insulin production means that the body is unable to convert glucose (sugar) into energy, leading to many complications if not properly controlled or treated. Care of diabetic feet is extremely important to ensure that the patient continues to enjoy mobility and good foot health.


An assessment can anticipate problems

A diabetic assessment of your feet includes:

In addition, a handheld Doppler ultrasound machine to investigate the blood flow in your feet may be used. This is usually done on your first visit and then annually to ensure there is no degradation in your vascular supply.

Combined, these steps help us to develop a good understanding of your needs and any risk factors can be discussed with you. Prevention is the key to keeping a diabetic foot in a healthy condition.


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