General Foot Care

Plantar Warts

Cracked heels or fissures can be painfully irritating and if untreated can often split open. The heel can become deep raw or bleeding, painful cracks and increase the risk of infection. Often they can develop due to increased pressure on the heels due to malalignments in the feet and lower limbs, diabetes, vascular disease, neuropathic conditions and medications such as Warfarin. They are formed due to excessively dry skin or callus which has lost its elasticity. They are commonly associated with open heel/back shoes, sandals, thongs and sling back heels.

Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails or onychocryptosis is a painful nail condition in which a spike or serrated edge of nail has grown or punctured the skin. It is often painful and if left untreated can result in infection, which can cause redness, swelling, bleeding and pus. There are many causes of ingrown nails however they are commonly associated with trauma, picking at the nails, poor cutting technique, neglect and involuted nail shape in which the nail curls into the skin.
Come in and seek professional advice of removing advice and preventing this painful toenail from reoccurring.

Fungal Infections

Fungal nails are not the best of friends for Australians who love to get out in the sun. They can often be embarrassing and deter people from taking their shoes off in front of others. They can be caused by several different organisms and cause the development of thick, cracked nails which are usually yellow, brown, black or cloudy in appearance and can often result in crumbling toenails. The infection can be contracted similar to skin fungal infections through direct contact, communal bathing and salons. The infected nail or nails will initially be pain free however as the infection progresses causing the nail to distort and thicken.
Treatment for fungal nails is often a long and tedious process but with our help we can get you back to the bare feet you love to show off.